How To Build An Outfit From A Pattern!

Outfit Details:

Flowy navy blue shirt: Similar 3/4 length sleeve version here (Better for upcoming fall weather!)
and a similar long sleeve version here.
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I want to show you an easy guide that helps you to properly outfit patterned clothes!

I have the most fun with choosing one article of patterned clothing and basing the rest of my outfit off of that pattern.
It's definitely a bit more complex to mix patterns, so this guide is about choosing just one pattern and making it the focal point of your look. This means that the rest of your outfit will involve solid colors that are complementary to the pattern you chose. When the rest of your outfit points back to the pattern (via complementary colors), you will look very put together.
Even when dealing with one pattern, sometimes it can be overwhelming to figure out how to wear it and what to pair it with.

1.) Let's start with the color temperature of the outfit you want to wear.
I always ask myself, "do I want a 'warm' or a 'cool' outfit today?"
A 'warm' outfit involves colors such as red, pink, yellow, brown, and tan.
A 'cool' outfit involves colors such as white, grey, blue, and light green.
Light purple/lavender also counts as a 'cool' color.
And there are some colors that could swing either way, like black, dark purple, and olive green/darker greens.

Using my outfit (pictured above) as an example, I chose to go with a cooler look.
The pattern is 'cool' because it involves two cool neutrals - white and grey. In order to keep it a 'cool' look, I chose a navy blue top that complements the white and they grey. To me, it's an 'icy' theme. Navy blue gives these jeans the contrast it needs in order to 'pop'. Pairing dark with light gives an outfit its contrast and therefore looks pulled together!

2.) For patterns involving 3 or more colors: After you have chosen your pattern, whether warm or cool or whatever, choose one color from the pattern to wear in order to balance the rest of your outfit. 
Tip #1: With a loud pattern, it's usually best to choose the neutral color (if any) as the balancer because it keeps the outfit from being obnoxiously bright!
Example photo:

I paired a solid black blouse with black heels which allows the pattern to speak for itself - this is the goal of wearing an outfit with a pattern!

*You can change up the seasonal look of the outfit with a simple switch of your neutrals - I could wear a white top and white heels with this skirt for a summery look! Anthropologie released this skirt in mid-summer, but I LOVE how it works for fall too!

For patterns involving two colors: There IS such a thing as being too "matchy matchy" unless you're going for a traditionally preppy look - then it's totally fine. Matching too well looks cookie cutter-esque, but the prep style has this nailed down.
For patterns with two colors, it's good to follow the "things look best in 3's" look. Adding a third complementary color that adds a nice contrast to your outfit is the way to go. If your chosen pattern involves two loud colors such as orange and pink, your best bet is to go with a neutral color for every other piece in your outfit, or at least a neutral color top or bottom with colored shoes that coordinate with one color from your chosen pattern.

 I would personally pair orange and pink  with white - same with blue and green. 
If you have a pattern with two neutral colors, such as my light grey and white jeans pictured above, I chose a darker navy blue shirt that matched with the cool colored jeans and, like I've said before, gave them contrast. 
Black and white - two neutrals - looks cute with a pop of yellow or red or honestly, any brighter color. Black and white is pretty much fair game. 

3.) Accessories. With a loud pattern, it's a good idea to coordinate your accessories and shoes with a neutral colored top, or just your shoes if you want to wear gold or silver accessories. 
With warm patterns, wear gold, and with cool patterns, wear silver.

I hope this was helpful! 

Until next time...


"Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it."
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