How to Dress Better Than Your Co-Workers & Earn Your Boss's Attention!

Grey & Polka Dot Outfit Details:

Black & White Polka Dot Button-Up Shirt - Similar here.
Heather Grey Fitted Jacket - Find it here.
Heather Grey Slim Dress Pants - Similar ones here
(So comfy & affordable! I recommend going one size UP!)
Thin metallic silver belt - Similar here. (Under $20!)
White Heels - Similar here (under $30!) and here... 
(these are more upscale, but are on sale for $60!)
Cognac Leather Purse - Similar here. (Wearable in every season!)
Brown Lense w/ Gold Rim Ray Ban Polarized Sunnies - Real ones here
knock-offs for under $20 here!!

Black & Khaki Outfit Details:

Black Lacy Nellore Blouse - Find it here! (This blouse comes in 6 different colors!)
Gold & Grey Dangly Earrings - Old, but find an amazingly cute alternative here! (For under $40!)
Khaki Pencil Skirt - Similar here.
Black Sam & Libby Heels - Similar here. (Under $20!)

Gooooood morning! Are you ready for some outfit inspiration?

Well, that's why I'm posting - yet again - on Work Style!
I hope this gives you some ideas on how to spice up your work wardrobe - but in an appropriate and modest way, of course!
If you dress similar to the two looks above, I guarantee you will dress way better than your co-workers and grab the attention of your superiors.
(Attention that lets them know you're serious about your job.)
The way we dress affects the way we perform.
That's why it's important to present yourself well!
Another piece of advice I received from someone (I don't remember who) is that you don't want to draw unnecessary attention to your wardrobe. It's okay for your clothes to flatter you... that's no crime. But do you remember the blue pencil skirt I showed you in my previous Work Style post? I paired that skirt with a plain white blouse and a very simple long, gold necklace. I was tempted to pair it with a plain yellow blouse which would have looked so cute and festive for summer, but that would have been too much in a professional setting.
However, like I said in the disclaimer in my previous Work Style post, you may work somewhere that isn't as strict on dress codes and you may be able to get away with such a colorful and summery outfit. That's okay as long as other people dress that way. 
I still want to encourage you to stick by the rule of dressing better than your co-workers - your boss will notice this. It means you're serious about your job, and this wardrobe non-verbal is easily communicated to your superiors. 
Just keep that in mind. *wink*
Truly professional clothes are meant to be plain because you want to place attention on the great work you do and not the way you dress. 
You can still be plain, classy, AND stylish, though. 
Clothes can be plain meaning that they don't have patterns and lack color,
but you can make up for this in the structural detail of your outfits, such as the small lace detailing on the sleeves of my black Nellore blouse and the pointed toes of my heels instead of normal rounded toed heels.
Your style will be obvious, but more humble - which is the way it's supposed to be at work.
Patterns SCREAM "Look at me! Let's have fun!!!" while small details and plain colors gently nudge "Hey, I'm confident and I care about my appearance, but more about my work. I deserve a promotion. ;)"
-end rant-

I realized I haven't even started talking about the first outfit yet. Ha.

So, about this grey suit with the black and white polka dotted blouse... I love it.
I know I was just talking about patterns screaming for attention, but I think this is an exception since the blouse's pattern is black and white. 
I don't know, what do you think?!
This look could work with or without the silver belt. I think it's a cute touch, but it looks cleaner with no belt. 
The pants are slim around the ankles - I was self-conscious about this since I didn't think this was work appropriate, but Michael thought it was. The slim fit around the ankles reminded me of skinny jeans which is why I didn't think it was appropriate, but my perspective has changed. 
Women's pant suits are very professional, especially when worn with heels! I believe that every woman should own at least two. I found this suit at H&M at an insanely affordable price. They always have great work clothes and they're comfy, too! 

Moving on to the black & khaki outfit!
This one is my favorite out of the two because pencil skirts are ultra slimming on me.
If you want to look more professional, wear a matching khaki blazer.
(It's also important to match the exact color of your jacket with your bottoms. A perfectly matching suit looks fluid and sharp, while non-matching pieces look a little more sloppy.) 
My black heels are also to die for. I bought them at Target back in the fall. It was one of those purchases where you see them, immediately fall in love, put them in your cart, and bam. It's done with no second thoughts. 
I hope these heels last me a long time because the cross straps are amazingly flattering and I haven't seen any other heels with ankle straps like these. 
Sam & Libby is an awesome brand and I am so glad that Target promotes this brand.
However, in reality, these heels might be a little scandalous for work.
This outfit would still look great with a simple pair of black pointed toe heels - you can find them anywhere at many price points. 
Black and khaki paired together is always super chic, but a pop of color on the lips is needed in my opinion.
I used a lip stain by Stila. When you look at it close-up, it looks metallic, which is cool. It also feels like I'm not wearing anything on my lips! It's a very mild color though. Looking back, I would have worn a slightly richer pink with this outfit, but for work, my lips wouldn't need much more. 
I have one last thing to say about this look: It can go from day to night in an instant. You honestly don't have to do much - if you have a dinner date, I would throw on a deep red lip color. 
Another work style tip: Don't wear tons of makeup. This is another way to draw unwanted attention. It's tempting to wear a red lip with this look, but don't ever wear red lipstick for work. Wear a nude gloss with some shimmer, or an understated pink color like I'm wearing in the photos. 
There are other times and places to get all dolled up, but not in the work place!

I hope you enjoyed this Work Style post! 

Feel free to let me know your thoughts on this post and anything you'd like me to talk about/snap photos of in the future!


"She is clothed with strength & dignity, & she laughs without fear of the future."
Proverbs 31:25, NLT


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