Chelsea's Friday Picks - November

Happy Friday & TGIF!!

Every third Friday of each month, I'll post a widget that includes some of my faaaavorite products that I have tried on, tried out, have seen on other people, and/or already own.

(why every third Friday? Because I just now thought to implement this idea, and tomorrow is the third Friday of the month! haha.)

The widget below includes the exact white sweater and the OTK boots I'm wearing in the above photos. I wore the OTK boots for the first time today and they are really comfortable!

Most of the items in this post don some fun sleeve trends such as bell sleeves, ruffle sleeves, and puffy sleeves. These different styles of sleeves feminize the upper body and elevate your entire look! 

Oh, side note: click here to see a different color of the adorable fourth sweater from the top. This particular color combo is on sale for an extra 20% off! 

Every piece in the widget below is, in my opinion, holiday appropriate! From casual to dressy, you'll find sweaters, tops, and dresses (oh my!) that you can rock during the holiday season. You can also style some of these pieces for everyday wear!

I'll add a few comments about each piece and number them in order starting from the top:

1. I've seen this Free People top styled and worn by different fashion bloggers. It definitely looks more sleek and streamlined when tucked into a pair of high-waisted jeans rather than left untucked! The sleeves are adorable.

2. I've also seen this top in store and styled on a fashion blogger. It looks amazing just like it does on the models! The colorful sleeves are unique and make this top a head-turner.

3. I personally own this cozy, puffy sleeved sweater. I love the neckline on it. I actually sized up two sizes - from an XS to a Medium - because I wanted it to be extra cozy! It fits just enough to look cozy and gave the sleeves a bit more drama.

4. This pullover has a very interesting 70s vibe. It's super soft and can be a fun boho pullover to wear during the holidays with some black jeans. It also comes in another color that's on sale. Both color combos are unexpectedly paired together, but somehow, they work! I have this color and it's so comfortable and cute! It's drapey which gives it a relaxed boho look.

5. This floral ruffle sleeve top is uber feminine. The florals "pop" against the white background, which makes this top refreshing and crisp compared to the typical dark fall colors. I'll be wearing this top on Thanksgiving!
To see my fully styled blog post about this top, click here!

6. I have this bell sleeve sweater in two colors: the lavender color that's pictured, and red. It's only $40 and is so soft! It is very flattering and trendy.

7, 8, & 9. These leggings/jeans are super affordable and high quality. They come in the three pictured colors. I have the dark blue pair. I love these because they are thinner and make OTK boots easy to slide on, specifically the very last pair of boots in this widget! These pants are slimming and sexy.

10 & 11: This dress is gorgeous and retro inspired. The velvet catches the light in a beautiful way and it looks high quality. The back of the dress is my favorite! It has a big bow that ties in the back of the neck and two buttons on the dress, making it look baby doll-ish. This style is especially flattering on petite frames. I would've included a photo of the wine color it also comes in, but I couldn't find one. If you click on the black dress, it should show you the wine color too, which is the one I have. I'm going to wear it around Christmas time and pair it with the OTK boots included in this widget - they're the last pictured pair. I may even wear tights!

12: This fiddler cap is currently trending and I personally think it looks cute on myself and a lot of other fashion bloggers. I posted a poll on Insta Stories along with a photo of me wearing the hat and I asked if people liked it or not. The results were about half and half, haha. Whenever I asked people to vote on something, I normally go with the opposite of the majority. I guess I'm stubborn! Even though I like it, I returned it because I think this trend will be over way faster than other big trends right now, and let's be real - I probably wouldn't wear this hat. I'd just forget about it. If you're a hat wearer and you like this trend, go for it! It would be cute and different to wear on Thanksgiving or Christmas.

13. Okay, my "comments" are turning into paragraphs! These lashes are sold at Target and were under $5. They're reusable and they look more natural than other false lashes. I haven't tried them yet, but I am planning on giving them a test run before possibly wearing them for the holidays!

14. I have seen a version of these (if not this exact pair, I don't know!) in store and tried on, and they look modern and chic. You can wear them with jeans and a simple top or you can wear them with the dress pictured in this widget! 

15. I have actually never seen these boots in person or tried on. Let's say these are an exception to my rule of what I include in this widget. Steve Madden is a reputable shoe brand, and I trust these look just as cute in person. I love the tie in the back and the brown color!

16. I have these specific OTK boots and they are very flattering and comfortable. They run true to size. They're perfect for a date night and for the holidays. As I mentioned, for Christmas festivities, I'm going to wear these boots with the dress in this widget!

I hope you enjoyed browsing these fun pieces with me! Hopefully this will inspire you to dream up your own holiday outfits!



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