How to Keep Your Work Style Youthful & Fun!

Outfit Details:
(All clothing is from The Limited)
White t-shirt blouse - old, find a very cute and similar top here.
Blue textured high waist pencil skirt - find it here for under $80!
Long gold accent necklace - similar one here (for under $40!)
White BCBG snakeskin heels -  similar ones here and here (last pair is under $30!!)
Blush blouse from the Scandal Collection - old, find a cute & similar one for $20 here!
Navy Blue Ankle Pants w/ white dotted texture: Very flattering similar pair here and here!!
Long gold & blush pearl accent necklace: Get it here!
Nude Nine West Wedges: Similar ones here. (Four-star rated from buyers!)
Rustic brown Pikolinos purse: old, similar here

It's the middle of the week - therefore, I'm celebrating with this post!

*Disclaimer: Some of the outfits I show you may not be appropriate for your job's standards. Every company's standards for business attire is different. Some companies are very strict, while others may be very lenient.
I'm excited to give you not one, but two different business outfits!
The first blue and white look is very fresh and fun. It's also very flattering. I love how the pencil skirt has a subtle diamond texture.  I also love how this skirt falls below my knee. I think it's called "tea length" - whatever it's called, it feels and looks more classy and distinguished than normal pencil skirts, even though I still love pencil skirts that are a bit shorter.
*The business formal rule for pencil skirts is that they must be no shorter than the mid-knee.
If you need this outfit to look more professional, a white blazer would do the trick!
And let me say that I have a "thing" for white pointed-toe heels. Mine are snakeskin which goes above and beyond my ideals for white heels. They will freshen up any outfit!
These heels are around 3 inches. I mean, to me, they don't look too high, scandalous, or anything like that. 
I believe that, according to business formal standards, heels can be no higher than 1 1/2 - 2 inches, but it seems like heels that are even around 4 inches are acceptable at some reputable companies.
I wouldn't push it if your standards for business attire are clearly stated, though. 
A wise leader once told me that it's commendable to dress as well as your superiors and way better than your co-workers. You want to stand out in a professional way. 
I love this piece of advice!

The next outfit isn't as "fun" as the first one, but it's professional, feminine, and classic.
I wanted to give you a taste of each vibe (fun and youthful) with these outfits. 
I believe this outfit to be youthful because of the following three details:
1) The blush color of the top and its soft luster.
Do you notice how, in the above photos, the top gives me a youthful glow because of its sheen? It highlights my skin and brightens my appearance.
2) The ankle length of the pencil pants!
This is a trend of the youth. Ankle length pants remind me of twenty-somethings because ever since I've reached my twenties, I have noticed ankle pants to be in style and marketed to women in their twenties and thirties. Of course, these pants would also look amazing and very slimming on people who are older! This style of pant is not partial to twenty and thirty-somethings.
3) The fact that I'm wearing wedges and not plain nude heels.
Nude heels are also an option for this outfit, but I think it's different to wear nude wedges that are still business appropriate instead of nude heels.
The nude wedges certainly keep this outfit on the business casual side, so pairing this outfit with nude heels would also dress it up!
You could throw on a tan blazer from H&M to dress it up even more!
If you wanted to make it completely business formal, wear tan dress pants! 

I also love how my necklace has blush colored pearls and the chain is rose gold. There are small rose gold buttons on the sleeves of my blouse that match the necklace - how cute! 
Rose gold is also a new trend.
And lastly, my purse. I don't use it often enough, but to me, it's the perfect Colorado purse. I purchased it because of the rich chestnut color of the leather, which gives this purse a western vintage/rustic feel. It also looks worn with the way the top flap is lighter than the bottom and it looks like the color was rubbed off over time. I also love the gold buckle in the front and the scalloped edges. The longer handles also give the purse a vintage look and I like how the bases of the handles are pointed. (Sorry if that's confusing, I don't know how else to describe it!)
I just love products that are designed to age well... like Steve Madden boots! 
SO amazing, yet SO expensive, but they will last you forever!

Okay, that's all for now!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for the rest of this Work Style series!


 "Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life."
Proverbs 4:23, NLT


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