The "Fall For The Cold Shoulder" Sweater from Ava Rae Boutique


Sit down, grab a nice cup of coffee or tea or... gatorade? Ha. Grab whatever refreshing drink you're into, relax, and let me tell you about this outfit.

I'm crazy about the blue-grey hue of this sweater and its texture.

Another detail I love: it's super soft.

This sweater is another cute and functional piece from Ava Rae Boutique. 

However, I cannot link the exact sweater because it sold out quickly. I am not certain, but there will likely be a restock of this sweater happening soon! Stay tuned and keep checking Ava Rae Boutique's website.

When I saw it as a new arrival, I had to click "add to cart" with no second guesses.
Cold shoulder sweaters are very flattering on both broad and narrow shoulders. This sweater is loose in the arms, too - just how a cozy sweater should fit. It is also very flowy in the torso area. I've been into very flowy tops lately, so this sweater is right up my alley these days.
One detail to note about this sweater is that even though this sweater is comfy, it has a thinner material, so it won't be as warm in chilly weather. I think this sweater would look great with a warm, long cardigan over it.

Now let's move on to the jeans. I believe white denim, distressed or not, can be worn in any season. White denim looks amazing with a long sweater and OTK boots during fall and winter.

My fringe booties add the texture and flair this outfit needs in order to make a statement. I love the western vibe of these booties - I. Love. Fringe. Period. And - pun intended - to top it all off, my hat! Oh, I love this hat. It's from Anthropologie, but my mother-in-love got it for me as a Christmas present two years ago. It looks so cute set atop a mound of curled hair, haha.

The last thing I love about this outfit is the muted colors with a pop of white. The blue-grey of the sweater and the beige suede booties complement each other so well - two muted neutrals that contrast one another. White gives this outfit a pop of freshness.

Re-create the look here:

(all items shown below are similar to photos above)


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