What do you have going on for the 4th of July?!

Like most holidays, let's always remember the true meaning of Independence Day. 

I put together a few versatile outfits that you can dress up and dress down! Whether you're getting together with friends and/or family to barbecue in the sun or enjoying a glass of wine at a nice restaurant, it's important to dress accordingly! 
I want to give you the direct links to shop my outfits plus some of my own experience with these items, so I numbered each photo.

*Disclaimer: Some of these pictured items are no longer available because, let's be honest, I just started this blog and haven't been on a shopping spree in a while. But the good news is that I found some very similar styles and I provided the direct links to each item! Enjoy!!

Photo 1: I bought my Chuck Taylors at half the price (normal price is around $50) one year ago at Nordstrom Rack. You may still be able to find some if you go to a Nordstrom Rack near you. You can definitely find full-price white Converse at Nordstrom's online website! They are $49.95. White Keds would also work with this outfit, which would be a more affordable choice! The next thing pictured is my overall shorts. They are so fun and perfect for summer! I bought mine at Anthropologie last year. The great thing is that brands are always mimicking Anthro styles at more affordable prices. I found some similar overalls that are $50 here. Moving on to this soft, flattering, classic white tee -- it's IN STOCK! Seriously guys -- I encourage you to buy this in as many colors as you can. It's a staple and this brand is AMAZING. It's called "t.la". It's soft like a baby's bum and totally washer safe. YESSS! It's a score, I'm serious. You can find it here and it comes in FIFTEEN different colors! Fifteen, people! And they're under $40. 

Photo 2: It breaks my heart that these MIA wedges are sold out. They one of my two favorite pairs of wedges that I own. But there IS good news! Here is the link to my other favorite wedges. If I could, I would get them in all three colors, but I chose the pair with the tan straps. They look way more flattering on my feet than in the photo online. They are also very lightweight - probably the lightest pair of wedges I own. My floral dress is from Charming Charlie. It's no longer in stock, but here's one that I think is JUST as cute. The style is similar to mine, but the pattern and color are very different! And I found a similar Target fedora, just like my pictured fedora which is sold out.

Photos 4 & 5: I am so pumped about my red Percy tunic. It's flowy, it's cool, and at the time I bought it, I thought I would look like a picnic table. If you're not digging the red, it comes in other patterns and colors! That tunic is the epitome of summer fashion. I love the color red and I love that checkered print so much that I bought that blue top that has SLEEVES! Unfortunately, the blue print is not in stock, but it comes in a polka dot pattern and another cute pattern. It is ON SALE right now, too! Go grab one! :o) Front and center, you see my red and blue peplum tank top. (I love the collar!) I bought it a very long time ago, but here is an adorable suggestion. I have this tank top in green. It is so flattering and the material is very different, but in a good way! It's thick and stretchy, but moves with you and not against you. The material is thick in that it will hold up well through time and will NOT pill. Next, I'll give you a whole page of denim shirt options! Anthropologie's denim shirts are extremely soft, comfy, and feminine looking! My shirt that is pictured is unavailable, but the options I provided are very similar! My white jeans are from an awesome and more affordable but quality brand - Pilcro! Here are some similar options and different brands, too. AG is amazing as well and is a good high end option. The first shoe pictured is a gold flat that you can wear with anything! Mine are from DSW, but you can find gold flats anywhere! I found some that are considered a "customer favorite" according to Lucky Brand from Macy's. You can find them HERE! Aaaand lastly, my hot yet classy red pumps are the MIA "Isadora" pumps! I bought mine at DSW for about $60, but at the link I provided, they are $30! WOW. I also found a super cute and similar pair here! They are ON SALE which is a major plus! I would wear the suggested pair with the pictured outfits as well. 

Was this helpful? What would you like to see next on the blog? I'm open to any constructive criticism! Leave some love in the comments and I hope you enjoyed my first post!

xox Chelsea


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