Downtown Denver & Fireworks!

 We had so much fun eating Chick-fil-A and enjoying the dry, cool weather that Colorado brought us. There was live music, food trucks, and people passing out free glow sticks! July 3rd was definitely an affair in downtown Denver. We hung out in Civic Park in front of the capitol which was glowing so many colors! I am proud to say that myself, Michael, my niece, and my sister-in-law have all been INSIDE the capitol before. The capitol hosted a Human Trafficking Awareness Day in February which was eye opening and inspiring. My passion for fighting against human trafficking always flares up whenever I or someone else talks about it in depth, so you could imagine how I felt sitting inside of the capitol and listening to some great speakers who were the leaders of large anti human trafficking organizations from all over Colorado. 

Later into the night on July 3rd, dark storm clouds rolled in. Huge rain drops landed on us sporadically, which was a sure sign that we should probably head for cover. We ended up leaving before the fireworks started which was a bummer because that was what we came to this July 3rd event for. When Michael and I were making our way out of the city, we saw an explosion of color in the sky! The fireworks had started RIGHT after we left! The good thing is that we, along with the cars in front of us, pulled over to the side of the road and watched the beautiful fireworks show! 

And now we are headed off to my mom and dad in-law's home to barbecue and smoke some meat for dinner. Yum! 
We are so thankful for the men and women who have courageously sacrificed their lives for us to enjoy both great and small things in our country.

Happy Fourth of July! :o)


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