Get Ready With Me! {Daily Makeup Routine Tutorial}

My naked face! I honestly love having no makeup on! Ha.
I start with putting Laura Geller's "Spackle" tinted under make-up primer in "Ethereal".
I love this primer because it's the lightest cream EVER. After you put it on, the only thing your skin feels like is cool (the tempertature). ;) It's called "Spackle" because it has shimmer in it that is noticeable even with makeup on top of this primer. However, your face doesn't look weirdly sparkly. It's just a very subtle shimmer that gives you a fresh look. I found this primer at Ulta. 
I haven't has this concealer for very long, but the labeling already rubbed off. It's Covergirl "Clean" Invisible Concealer and I believe the shade I have is medium. I was "iffy" about this at first because I thought it might show up in photos, but nope! This stuff is awesome. I use it mainly to cover my dark circles and it does a great job of highlighting my cheeks since it's a little lighter than my normal skin tone, which is what I wanted for that reason. It makes my skin look really clean and covers my pores. The consistency is pretty thin and liquidy, but because of that, I'm able to rub it in and spread it in further areas on my face.
Haha. I always feel like a tribal warrior when I make these marks on my face with the Covergirl concealer. This shows you where on my face I apply it with the wand that comes attached. I put a little dab between my eyebrows and spread it around with my finger. I also apply it under my eyes and spread it to the point that's right under my nostrils (lol) that are usually red because of my allergies. I also put dab it on my chin. This concealer also reduces shine control, and the areas I apply it are where my oily skin gets the most shiny. This concealer stops the shine! Love it.

This is the end result with the Covergirl concealer all rubbed in!
Next, I apply powder foundation. I use an angled blush brush (I think? I'm not too educated on my brush types...) for foundation just because it allows me to more easily maneuver it on all areas of my face. I like feeling in control of where my powder is going if that makes any sense. This powder foundation is from Urban Decay and is called Naked Skin ultra definition loose finishing powder. The shade I use is naked medium dark and it matches my skin perfectly. I have never had an issue with my face being darker than my neck. (I hate that!)
I finish my face routine with this Urban Decay bronzer! During the summer time, I use bronzer, and during the fall and winter, I use blush. This "baked" bronzer is really pretty because it has streaks of gold in it. My skin has a mix of brown/olive/gold tones, so this bronzer complements my skin tone the best. This bronzer can be used for your face and your body! The color I use is "Gilded".
I use my same blush brush for my bronzer (which is what it's supposed to be used for haha). I start at the most plump part of my cheeks and with one glide, I swipe backwards in a diagonal form towards my ear. I do this about 5 times to get my bronzer a little darker. 
This lighting isn't the best at showing definition and details of makeup because it's pretty bright, but you can sort of see the bronzer on my face. After it sets for a while and my skin gets more oily throughout the day, it shows up waaay more. Now that I'm aware, I cut back on how much bronzer I use.
Now it's time for the eyes! I begin by applying (with my index finger) this Too Faced shadow insurance primer in Champagne. It's very shimmery and could even be used alone if you want a glowy, classic, fresh look! Ingrid Nilsen, a well known YouTube beauty "guru" uses this as well. She introduced me to this primer and I love it!
Here's a close up view of the Too Faced shadow insurance primer on my eyelids. It's more shimmery in person! I think it does a good job of brightening up my face in a subtle way. I apply the primer all over my eyelid and no more.
So now I use this amazing Too Faced natural eye shadow palette. This is the daytime/more natural version. I also have the nighttime version. They're both great! These palettes come with three different tutorials of different looks. The tutorial shown above is called "classic". I have it turned over to the french side... whoops. Ha. 
This is the look I chose for today. I always switch it up and don't normally use tutorials, but I love doing this one from time to time.
I took the bigger eyeshadow brush and dabbed it a couple times with the color "Day". It's a base you can use all the time, which is why the palette is larger.
This is how it looks when applied! I put it on right over the area where I applied the primer and no more, even though the tutorial tells me to apply it from base of the lash to the eyebrow. No thanks. Doing that makes my eyes more round which I don't need. I always focus on elongating my eyes, so I dramatize the outer corners of my eyes with darker colors and the inner corners of my eyes with light colors.
Now I take my smaller eyeshadow brush for my crease and dab it a lot with the color right next to the "Day" base I just used - it's called "Velvet Revolver". (How do they come up with these names?!)
I apply the shadow to the crease of my eye using a curved sweeping motion back and forth, back and forth until the color is very noticeable. I bare down harder with my brush when I approach the outer corner of my eye. No matter the shape of your eye, you want the darkest color to be on the most outer corner of your eye. It's like painting! The more practice you get, the better you'll get at fading. See how it outlines the top of my eyelid and flatters and shapes my whole eye?
Finished result of the crease!
This part is really fun! I encourage everyone to get a sharply angled shadow/liner brush. I get such beautiful and perfect lines and "wings" with this brush with one sweep. Not much effort needed, but maybe a little practice if you've never used this kind of brush before. The name is "Sexpresso" (ha.) and I use it to line my eyelids right above my lashes. Like, as close to my lashes as I can!
For a darker and more defined shadow color, I wet my brush. I have done this for years, even with normal eyeshadow. I should have mentioned earlier that I wet my brush a little bit with my crease color. It makes the shadow color show up more and you can see the hue way more easily. It also lasts all day if you wet the brush and then apply the shadow. Don't worry, it never ruins the eye shadow.
Here's the finished result! I never use a super thick line. The thickest part of my line is at the middle of the base of my lashes. (confusing?) I start with giving the inner corner of my eye a very thin line and working backwards towards the outer corner of my eye. As I work towards the middle, my line thickens all the way until I reach the outer corner of my eye. Then, I'll give my eye a thin wing. I also lined my bottom eyelid underneath my lashes with this eyeshadow and also using the angled brush. You can see it three photos down.
You can see a very subtle wing above!
Here's the big mama of eyeliners!! Since I have brown eyes, the most natural eyeliner color for me is brown. I line the inside of my lids with this for the most definition.
Not the best photo, but it works.
 For some reason, the photo of my mascara didn't upload! The mascara I use is in a bright purple bottle and it's Maybelline "The Falsies" Volum Express mascara. It has a curved brush that perfectly captures every one of my lashes. I wiggle the brush from the base of my lashes to the tips for extra long and luscious lashes! (Accidental alliteration... whoops, did it again!)
Here's the result! Look how long my lashes are! :D
Here's a better photo in natural lighting of my look. I like how my liner is subtle, but it still defines my eyes really well.
My bronzer is setting in!
Here is the link to the 4.6 star rated Etsy shop "SunsetToSunrise" where I got my floral robe! I wore this getting ready on my wedding day. This robe is very popular among brides. It comes in many different colors and is light and super cute! I wear it around my apartment all the time.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! 

Have an awesome day!! :)



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