A Sunny Sunday Morning & New Future Home Planning!

 Outfit Details:

Maxi Dress (I'm wearing XS, true to size!) - Sabine Maxi Dress 
  • Pro: VERY soft and comfortable!
  •  Pro: Forgiving material
  • Pro: Fits to your form as you walk and flatters any curves, but it's still as flowy as can be.
  • Pro: Dress it up, dress it down! Wear to a wedding or wear on a day out running errands!
  • Pro:  Love the colors!
  • Con: Material may pill. I just bought this dress so we shall see. 
  • Con: Low cut top - may not be for bustier women!
  • Con: Have to hand wash, have to lay dry on the floor or else the colors will run (reacts well to tide bleach pen).     
My conclusion: Still worth it! Cons are minor.

Cross & Rhinestone Wrap Watch - Charming Charlie//sold out//GREAT alternative: Five Star Reviewed Etsy Shop "VillaSorgenfrei" (Cross Body Watches)
Gold & Grey Rhinestone Necklace - Target, sold out. :(
 Metallic Lavender Nail Polish - Essie "Nothing Else Metals"

Happy Sunday!

I hope y'all had a great day! I sure did, even though I'm sick! :-(
I woke up around 5:45am after sleeping with NyQuil in my system (that stuff is a-ma-zing!!), but I still had a decent night's sleep. This may sound silly, but one very small thing I'm thankful for is my system's ability to alert me when I'm so tired that my eyes start shutting, I can't concentrate, and when my head hits the pillow, I'm basically already in REM sleep. Haha. 
But really, think about it. God crafted our bodies in such a way that they automatically alert us of exhaustion, pain, and any other discomfort. And when we are alerted, we can (usually) do something about the issue and can therefore continue living our lives. And that leads me to another physical miracle for which I'm thankful - the ability of our bodies to heal themselves. 
I have seen in movies and shows the superpower of fast healing - but that isn't such a crazy thing, is it?! Our bodies already do that, but we don't "ooh" and "ah" at the ability because it's all we've ever known. 
Now maybe what's more common is the superpower to heal fatal wounds which is something we will never overcome, but that's a different story. 
It's all about perspective. 
Even though we may never escape our mortality, 
we still experience little {and big} miracles every day. 
Or just big miracles (depending on your perspective!).
after I woke up, I got ready and Michael and I were off to church by 7:30AM. 
We helped out in kids' ministry like we normally do and it was a blast. 
I felt the Holy Spirit today as we led worship for the kids. 
One of my kids ministry coordinators played the acoustic guitar and we sang the song that goes (I forget the title) "I am free... to run, I am free... to dance, I am free to live for You" ha. 
It was so sweet to hear their voices along with the gentle sound of the acoustic guitar.
In the moment, everything felt so right and full and peaceful. And then I knew I felt the Holy Spirit!
After church, Michael and I ate at Chipotle and then headed to the suburbs to look at model homes. We have narrowed down our choices to three different models. 
They are all ranch style because we love the open floor plans and how convenient it is to have every room on one floor, except for the basement (a new thing for me as a south Floridian who was never familiar with basements!) which is amazing. 
It's like another floor which is just as open as the main floor. We have so many dreams for our future home. 
We're still about a year, year and a half out from actually beginning the process of purchasing our home, though. We are starting early because we simply love scheming and dreaming together. We also want to make a careful decision since this will pretty much be a forever home for us.
I, of course, cannot wait to decorate our home. 
However, just like fashion is for me, so is interior decorating.
It's not just about the aesthetics of it all.
Dressing up and decorating are creative expressions of mine.
But also - creating a home is extremely valuable to me 
because it's important to me
that my family is the kind of family for our future children's friends
who come from broken families
and who may not feel at home in their houses.
Because I will say that I would be a totally different person
if it weren't for the blessings on earth
whom I call friends... turned into family.

That is my prayer - that Michael and I foster such an environment for not only kids, but for anyone who enters our home.

It's always fun looking at model homes with Michael. We're pretty good at compromising with one another, so it's not difficult to be on the same page. 

Now I'm writing this post in my pajamas as the evening sun splashes my hands and the computer with light. This is relaxing for me... except when my happily oblivious kitty walks all over the computer keys, makes the screen black for a moment, and I face the unknown of whether or not this blog entry was erased.
But nope!
I'm going to continue relaxing. <3
Have a great night!



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