Date Night Series #1!

 Outfit Details:
My red top is unavailable because I got it a long time ago. =( 
BUT there are similar versions that I promise are just as cute!
Like this one.
It's very affordable too!
There's also this long sleeve version. (It's under $40!!)
And it's still wearable in the summer!
My jeans are Paige Verdugo Ankle skinny jeans. They're supposed to
hit above your ankle, but since these jeans are made for tall 
people, this short girl can wear them as normal skinny jeans!
Here is a similar version of my necklace - it's only $10.90!
But when something is that cheap, I think "the price
is great, but the quality HAS to suffer!"
Well, mine is from J Crew and I have already had a rhinestone fall
out when I was being gentle with it.  
I easily hot glued it back on, but price point and brand don't
always equal quality. 
Sometimes cheaper things are better quality....
Just like really old phones that never seem to break!!
You can find an almost exact match of my striped watch here!
My black and gold bow cuff bracelet is out of stock! =(
And lastly, my leopard print heels!
You can find the cute flats version with an ankle strap here,
(they're on sale at Nordstrom because of their NSale!)
and a very similar and just as cute version of my heels here.

Welcome to the Date Night Series!

I originally planned on showing you guys two
date night denim looks (one with skinny jeans as pictured above 
and one with flare jeans - an upcoming fall trend!),
but my photographer/hubby had a guys' night planned and I didn't get ready in time. 
SO... I turned this mistake into a masterpiece. 
I've decided to do a Date Night Series. 
Each day for the next 3 days, I'll post a different date night look!
If you're married or consistently dating and enjoy date nights with your spouse/significant other,
you've got to change it up, right?! 
So I want to show you the many looks you can whip up for date night 
depending on what you're doing
for your date night!

The look I want to show you tonight is a fun look that's on the sexier side.
It has a lot of character and involves some classics, like leopard print and red.
But I want to show you how to pair leopard print and red together
so it doesn't look tacky!

This look is perfect for a dinner date in the city.
It's dressy casual and easy to move around in!

My take on pairing leopard print and red is this:
Make sure they are very separate from one another.
Example: My solid red lace shirt with a red tanktop underneath
and my leopard shoes.
The leopard has room to complement the red
without crowding its space.
If it gets too close to the red,
well, then there's too much going on and it looks
In my personal taste, 
I haven't seen many classy tops or shoes that combine leopard print
and another color.
It's just not good news.

One pattern I have seen that looks amazing with leopard print
is the trendy palm tree print on some tops and dresses
paired with a leopard print clutch.
I think it has to be the right kind of palm tree print
so it doesn't look like too much of a safari theme.
When it's done right, it looks very tropical.
(Taken from Pinterest -

I want a leopard print clutch like this so badly! 
It flows with so many looks.

Anyway, I chose to wear my Paige Verdugo Ankle skinny jeans 
because it balances out the red and leopard print. 
And my black and white striped watch is a fun accessory to pair
with another pattern!
I love to wear my gold statement necklace with my red shirt
because it "pops" so well. It looks very regal. 
The necklace that's similar to mine that I linked is also 
very classy. It can dress up any top. 
Gold statement necklaces with rhinestones are a staple!
On my lips, I'm wearing Nars. 
It's ironic because I'm featuring the cosmetic brand Tarte, 
but wearing Nars "Vesuvio". The color on my lips
is such a rich red - a classic red.
"I got that red lip classic thing that you like"
Thanks, Taylor Swift. 

As the second part of today's Date Night Series,

I'm going to review four of my favorite Tarte lip colors!

Starting from the top left and moving clockwise:
This first look is brought to you by Tarte's LipSurgence 
natural lip luster in "Pouty". I love how shimmery it is. It gives my lips a bright pop of color
that looks pretty red if you compare it to my shirt in the photo, but in person,
it's more of a bright berry color.
Just so we're on the same page
(because I know how vast people's perception of color can be - 
proven by that black & blue/white & gold dress craze earlier
in the year!),
when I say "berry", I envision this color:
It looks like the color on my lips doesn't match the color on the
Tarte tube. I'd say it's brighter than the color of the tube!
It keeps my lips moisturized and stays on for a long time.
I really like it!
I'm going to move on to the next photo before I start confusing you (if 
I haven't already!).
In the second photo, I'm wearing the color I've mentioned a few times already
on the blog. It's my all-time favorite!
It is Tarte's LipSurgence natural matte lip tint in the color
It's a muted matte pink. 
I think this color complements my skin tone the best
because it's the closest tone to my actual lip color.
This might be old news to some people, but I've 
discovered that I have a better chance of finding
a lip color I like if I choose one that more closely matches 
the natural color and tone of my lips, which I believe is a muted berry. 
When I choose deep colors, it draws out the tan color in my skin 
instead of washing it out like light pink colors do.
I love how Tarte's lip colors have all-natural ingredients in them.
It definitely feels that way when I wear them. 
And they all honestly stay on for a very long time, even 
after eating!
(I'm a very messy eater, so that's saying something!)
In the third photo, I'm wearing Tarte's Glamazon pure performance 12-hour
lipstick in the color "Playful". 
I love this deep berry color. 
This lipstick is the best representation of the berry swatch above. 
When I apply it, it's instant color. It's deep, rich, and very creamy.
I love it and don't wear it enough!
I also really like the design of the tube. It's so cute!
It definitely stays on, but I don't know about it staying on for 12
I'm not saying it doesn't - I just don't know!
In the fourth photo, I'm wearing Tarte's LipSurgence Lip Tint in the color
This color is more on the tan and shimmery side. 
I really like it because it's a rich color and it's unique. 
I wasn't sure how this would look on me,
but it gives me just the right amount of shimmer and tint
to not be a full on lip color.
It is also really moisturizing! 
I think this is a great color for any time of the year because it's neutral.
But it's a lip tint that you can wear if you want some color,
but don't want to fully commit to lipstick!

I hope these reviews are helpful and inspire you to grab a Tarte lip color! 
They're amazing - you won't regret it!

I have something very exciting to share

with you guys!

Hint: It involves some fellow Denver bloggers!

Stay tuned for a sneak peek tomorrow evening!



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