Let's Talk About FALL 2015!

This Nellore blouse black lace top is seriously to die for! 
I absolutely love where the lacey sleeves hit my shoulder and that the
neckline is higher. It has a very subtle vintage/victorian look. 
This top is GREAT for date night or a day at work. 
This blouse comes in 5 other colors other than black!
It looks SO striking in person and on the model when you 
click the link below!
Find it here.

My lip color is by Tarte and it's the "Glamazon" pure
performance 12-hour lipstick in the color Playful.
It's a really pretty berry color.
I prefer berry tones on my lips because it 
plays up my tan skin and complements
my skin tone.
I can testify that it does stay on for a while!

This playful & summery pencil skirt can be worn during the fall or summer!
It's unfortunately unavailable, but
here is an amazing alternative!

My heels are from Target and under $40! 
Find them here! 

These shorts are featured in my last post, but in the Daisy wash!
They are Free People Lacey Denim Cutoff Shorts.
(That's a mouthful!)
The ones I'm wearing above & below are the "Stone Black" wash.
Find them here!
I believe the shirt I'm wearing is the Catania Tee by t.la.
This brand is amazing... I have so many different colors 
and patterns in this shirt. 
It also doesn't shrink too much in the wash!
Find it here.

Here is a similar version of my feather necklace! 
It's currently 30% off,  making it ONLY $10!!! 

You can find a very similar version of this versatile, slimming, (affordable), 
and classic black dress here.
This dress would also look really cute
with brown boots or ankle boots. 
I paired this dress with wedges because I wanted to keep
it appropriate for summer!

You can find a similar version of this cute scarf here on Etsy! (Under $30!)
Mine was around $60 from Anthropologie
& I purchased it last October!

Here is a very similar faux leather jacket (mine is vegan, but whatev!) that is 
currently ON SALE and way less than mine cost. 
(Mine was around $300, but I had an Anthropologie discount...
the one I linked is still at an awesome price.)

 These wedges are from the brand b.o.c and they are the "Alondra" 
style. I got them from DSW, but they are sold out! =(
However, I found some CUTER ones! 
I'm being honest when I say I think they're cuter. 
They are around the same price for which I purchased mine.
Find them here! (b.o.c ayna style wedge sandals)

Today's post is ALL ABOUT the upcoming fall season and some transitional summer/fall outfits! I have been planning this post for a few days now and as each day has passed,I have become more and more excited.

When you say you can't wait for fall:

"But it's still summer!" They said.
"You were so excited for summer... 
now you're wishing it were fall already?!" They said.
"No, no, no. You have it all wrong! 
I am loving summer and all the warmth it brings.
I am starting to look forward to fall, too.
It's such an exciting season." I said.

Have y'all started to have conversations like this?

Here are some strong reasons answering why I love fall:

Confession: I've never had one. So why the heck is 
this on my list?! And especially first?! Hahaha. I want to try an iced Pumpkin Spiced Latte this season.
I'm the kind of person who finds one or two things I love...
and I rarely venture away from it.
Or if it's clothes, I'll get it in every color. 
At Chipotle, I always get a burrito bowl with
the same ol' stuff in it. 
And every single time, 
it's delicious.
At Starbucks, I always get an iced chai with nonfat milk and light ice. 
(They jip you on the amount of actual drink you get because 
they put so much flippin' ice in it!)
Or if I'm not feeling something creamy & milky,
but something more cool & refreshing,
I'll get a cool lime refresher *with peach syrup*. (Try this. It'll change your life... I already got my friend Emily hooked.) But I won't take the credit for this idea-
My friend Marley introduced me to it and I'm
Thanks Marley!!
2. Dresses, boots, & scarves... paired together!
This is probably my favorite fall outfit trio. It's so comfy, the perfect amount of
coverage for the crisp but not quite chilly air. 
Two things I usually add are long, cute frilly socks with my boots
and a hat... the style of hat? I don't know what it's called! 
I feel so feminine wearing a dress with boots. 
I think it's so flattering and stylish!
3. The "Fall Leaves" candle from Yankee Candle Company.
This candle scent is basically everything autumn in candle form. It sparks so. much. fall wanderlust. 
At least for me!
It just smells exactly like fall. 
Once you get it and burn it and take in the scent,
it will forever remind you of the wonder of fall.
Scents have always been such a strong catalyst of memories for me.
I mean, I feel like that goes for everyone,
but I am constantly smelling things and am therefore constantly being reminded of experiences of my past.
I'm serious... get a "Fall Leaves" candle when it comes out!
My sister-in-love got one for me and my autumn experience
has forever been enhanced.
Thanks Marissa!
4. The crisp, cool air.
This one is a given. 
When you go outside, it just hits your face with amazingness.
I feel so refreshed when I am outside in the crispness of the air.
The sky looks different during fall (it always looks clearer to me).
And I just feel so refreshed.
5. How much more creative you can get with outfits!
In the fall and winter time, we have so many more outfit options
because we wear more clothes during these seasons. 
6. The fall trends this year.
Okay, this one is sarcastic. 
Truth: I really don't like the fall trends that are up-and-coming this season.
I looked at Elle's "official fall trends list" and found that
furry shoes are a fall 2015 trend,
sleeves longer than your hands are a fall 2015 trend,
furry shirt sleeve cuffs are a fall 2015 trend,
"lady loafers" with a thick heel are a fall 2015 trend,
(they remind me of the ugly 80s or 90s thick heeled shoes you can find at a thrift store
and tease your friend saying "get these!!")
Sorry if anyone likes those. 
That's just me!
...Those are some of the trends listed that I don't like.
Another truth: I don't intentionally  follow trends for the sake of
being "trendy".
I wear what I like...
which sometimes ends up being trendy anyway. Ha.
7. Thanksgiving, of course.
My favorite thanksgiving foods are pumpkin pie with whipped cream
 and vanilla ice cream, stuffing, and sweet potato casserole. Yeah, all of the most
unhealthy Thanksgiving foods. Haha.
8. Changing Leaves
9. Maroon Bells in Aspen
I have never been to Maroon Bells during the fall, but
Michael and I went this summer for our anniversary vacation.
And it's captivating!
Maroon Bells is the prettiest in the fall - at least 
that's what people testify
and I've seen it in photos. 
Here it is during the fall:
(taken from this website.)
I would love to go during the fall.
Maroon Bells are two peaks in the Elk Mountains that enchantingly sit behind Maroon Lake.
It's a gorgeous setting. 
There are Aspen trees that sprinkle the base of the peaks and surround 
Maroon Lake. The Aspen tree leaves turn to bright colors in the fall.
(Insert photo of Maroon Bells)
10. The itch to always be outside!
I am a nature lover. 
I always want to be outside in the sunshine.
And I always want to explore new places!
I am thankful to live in one of the sunniest states in the U.S.!
Fall amplifies my itch to be outside and explore. 
It's not only the beautiful weather that fall brings,
but it's also that fall seems to pass by so quickly,
so I want to enjoy as much of it as I can!

I hope you enjoyed this post! 
I would love to hear what your top 5 or
top 10 list of fall favorites is. 
Leave some love in the comments below!



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