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Chelsea's Friday Picks - November

Happy Friday & TGIF!! Every third Friday of each month, I'll post a widget that includes some of my faaaavorite products that I have tried on, tried out, have seen on other people, and/or already own. (why every third Friday? Because I just now thought to implement this idea, and tomorrow is the third Friday of the month! haha.) The widget below includes the exact white sweater and the OTK boots I'm wearing in the above photos. I wore the OTK boots for the first time today and they are really comfortable! Most of the items in this post don some fun sleeve trends such as bell sleeves, ruffle sleeves, and puffy sleeves. These different styles of sleeves feminize the upper body and elevate your entire look!  Oh, side note: click  here  to see a different color of the adorable fourth sweater from the top. This particular color combo is on sale for an extra 20% off!  Every piece in the widget below is, in my opinion, holiday appropriate! From c

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