Our Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Experience

Michael and I shared the honor of partnering with a teeth whitening company called...



Smile Brilliant strives to deliver an easy and successful teeth whitening process right in the comfort of your own home, and the process is flexible according to your schedule!
Jessica, Smile Brilliant's Marketing Specialist, was so knowledgeable, helpful, prompt, and patient with Michael and I throughout our entire process. She is a genuine representation of Smile Brilliant's integrity as a company.
What also helped me decide to partner with Smile Brilliant are: their high ratings, the fact that Smile Brilliant is backed by Google's "Trusted Store Program", and Smile Brilliant's 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Even though I had the opportunity to whiten my own teeth through Smile Brilliant, I remembered that Michael expressed some discontent about how his teeth had gotten a bit yellow, so I decided to give Michael the opportunity to whiten his own teeth. He was so excited to begin the process!

After ordering a whitening kit from Smile Brilliant, the company will mail your kit to you which includes:
  • 3 Sets of Impression Material (to make your own dental impressions in order to create your whitening trays)
  • 2 Impression Trays
  • Professional Lab Service (a professional dental lab will convert your dental impressions to clear whitening trays and will mail them back to you for immediate use)
  • 3-Way Postage (all postage between you and the lab is covered!)
  • Custom-fitted Teeth Whitening Trays
  • Professional Teeth Whitening Gel (Dentist-strength 22% Carbamide Peroxide in 3ml syringes) & Desensitizing Gel (if applicable)
For more info, go to Smile Brilliant's website.

I snapped a few photos (see below) which highlight some of the beginning stages of the whitening process, from when Michael successfully completed his dental impressions to his very first whitening session! 

The above photo shows Michael's dental impressions that are ready to be shipped off to the professional dental lab so they can create his custom whitening trays. Smile Brilliant sent us the ingredients needed in order to create the clay used for his impressions just like any dentist or orthodontist uses. We were impressed by how easy it was to create the clay for his impressions and to actually complete his impressions! The shipping between us and the lab was very speedy as well, which is a major perk.

Smile Brilliant includes step-by-step instructions for the whitening process.

Michael determined that he needed desensitizing gel, so Smile Brilliant included the gel for him to use after each whitening session.

The above photo shows Michael inserting the whitening gel from the syringe into his custom whitening tray.

And here is a photo of Michael beginning his whitening journey! He is wearing his custom whitening trays, which have a barely-there appearance. Michael appreciated that they are thin and not bulky!
Michael's favorite parts about the process are: how easy it was to create and mail back his impressions, the promptness in receiving his custom whitening trays from the lab, the clarity of the directions, and that he could go about his normal off-duty activities while wearing his whitening trays.
Typically, the whitening process lasts for 7-14 sessions. There is a money-back guarantee for 45 days of usage. (50 days for international customers.)
Michael and I are extremely pleased with his results! The whitening process took us longer than normal because we had a few personal hiccups (completely unrelated to Smile Brilliant) that made us say, "That's just life!" 

Our learning experiences during the whitening process were:

  • This whitening process requires time, patience, and intentionality. You will be rewarded at the end! If you work over 40 hours per week, have multiple jobs, or have extra duties at home after work, the whitening process will likely take longer and each whitening session may need to be spaced out further from one another, especially if your teeth are sensitive. You need to make sure your schedule allows for enough time to complete each whitening session. Each whitening session can take from 1 - 3 hours, and if your teeth are sensitive, the desensitizing gel will also need to be applied to the teeth in the whitening trays for another 2 hours. No food may be consumed for another 2 hours after whitening and/or desensitizing. Smile Brilliant also encourages its customers to take their time between sessions if any sensitivities develop. 
  • Be cautious when consuming teeth staining foods and drinks. This is something to always consider, but you especially don't want any setbacks during your whitening process. If you are a coffee and/or tea lover, consider brushing your teeth after consumption. Fruit can also stain teeth.
  • For best results, you will get 3 - 4 whitening sessions out of each syringe. This fact was crucial in Michael's progress! Michael thought he could get six sessions out of his whitening process, but Jessica let us know that he needed to fill his whitening trays with enough whitening gel for only three to four sessions per syringe. This means Michael needed to be inserting way more gel into his whitening trays than he was. Some gel did overflow out of his whitening trays, but all he had to do was wipe off the overflow. This excess of gel ensures optimum whitening.
Here are his before and after photos! The yellow tint on his teeth significantly faded.

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