Flirty Colors and Patterns: A Cute Romper Look for Summer

Happy Thursday, friends!

This post is all about creating a feminine and flirty romper look.


I tried to find the link to the exact romper (from the affordable in-store and online boutique called Francesca's) I'm wearing in the above photos, but sadly, Francesca's website is currently down. I'll be checking it tomorrow to see if the glitch is fixed so I can hopefully edit this post to link it for y'all. 

One of my favorite color combos is blue and pink and I especially love the bright pattern on the romper. The long sleeves are very flattering and dress up the romper, creating a very pretty and girly look. The key to the femininity of this look is the color pink (obviously!) and to play it up with a statement necklace.

Even though I currently cannot locate my exact romper, I found several others that I think are super cute (and all of them go perfectly with the shoes I linked) and linked them via the photos below. Just click on each photo and it'll lead you to the website where you can directly purchase the item you clicked on. I think this will be easier for y'all to shop instead of reading a description of my entire outfit like I used to do. If a certain item I'm wearing in future photos is sold out and I linked something similar, I'll tell you here. 

The fedora I'm wearing is also one of my favorite fedoras! Since this denim blue color is a neutral, it matches with almost any other color. I bought it from Target and it's only $13! Let me be honest by saying that the fedora makes for a fun prop in the photos, but I personally don't like how the fedora looks with the romper. I think it's too much and downplays the romper. If I were wearing this romper out, I would curl my hair and leave it down - pretty yet simple.

Now onto the shoes! My mom bought these for me, so thanks, mom! I've wanted a pair of these shoes ever since they started becoming trendy this spring, but I honestly didn't think of buying a pair for myself. I'm happy someone else thought of buying a pair for me! ;)
These shoes are by Marc Fischer, a quality and higher-end brand. They are very easy to clean dirt off - just scrub very gently with a damp washcloth and let the spot air dry. I love the other colors these shoes come in. I would also love to have the red pair. 

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!




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