Tips for Rocking Denim Jackets and Vests

Let's talk denim jackets and vests.

You can wear them during the fall, spring, and summer. I mean, even winter, too, if you live in a warmer state. I'm cutting off the freedom to wear one in the snow though - that's just not okay for a few reasons!!

Denim jackets do not exist within a certain fashion era. They lean more towards the 80s and 90s, but when I see a denim jacket nowadays, I don't think of a certain era. I like to think of denim jackets as chameleon-like because of this characteristic. They mold to whatever outfit you wear and they add a certain 'coolness' to it. 

Denim vests are also really cute with colorful summery dresses and maxi skirts. I'm also a fan of white denim jackets and white vests. I think every woman who loves fashion should own a white denim jacket and/or a white denim vest! They are definitely wardrobe staples because you can wear them with anything and they will add a fresh 'pop' to your outfit. I hope this becomes a huge trend next spring - it needs to happen! 

Here's the thing with denim vests of any color - in my style opinion, they need to be fitted, not loose or overwhelming your upper half. Why? Because bulky, oversized denim jackets can quickly appear sloppy. They instantly cover a woman's shape, too. Fitted denim jackets and vests are the most flattering when they are fitted. Not super tight, but adhering to a woman's shape and complementing it.

In the shoppable photos/links below, there is a variety of denim jackets and vests at different price points ranging from $100 and under. I even added a chambray jacket because chambray is a little more feminine than 'cool', which some of you may like better. The jackets and vests in the photos/links below are all actually very well fitted to the models, which visibly demonstrates what I was talking about earlier. I love a good fitted jacket! Um, and please take note of the white denim vest with the fringe! So cute. This vest would look awesome with some cowgirl boots or booties and a dress.

I hope y'all had a fun and memorable 4th of July weekend! 




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