5 Tips on How to Create A Memorable Couples/Engagement Shoot

Photographer: Megan W Photography

Your engagement is one of the greatest highlights of your life! 

Here are 5 tips on how to make your photo shoot experience fun and memorable:

1. Color coordinate your outfit with your significant other's, but DON'T be too matchy-matchy!
If you look at the photos above, Michael and I never wore the same exact colors. In the photos where I wore a patterned cardigan and pink pants, Michael wore a darker solid blue sweater. One of my favorite color combos is blue and pink - it makes for a nice feminine/boyish outfit contrast. It's also flattering for one person to wear a pattern (top or scarf) and the other, a solid colored shirt. If you notice our jackets, mine is a neutral army green and his is brown. These neutrals go together and are both earthy tones which create a more laid back look. They're different colors, but complementary to one another.
In the photos of us wearing plaid/check patterned button-downs, we got pretty close to being matchy-matchy, but for me, the look works because the colors of our shirts were different and I wore a yellow puffy vest to break up our pattern similarities.

One cute way to be matchy-matchy while avoiding overkill is to match very small details, such as a tie and a scarf, like in mine and Michael's more dressed up photos above.

2. Communicate with your photographer about every wish and desire you have for your photo shoot, especially the location(s)!

It's really important to love the setting in which you are taking photos. Don't take photos in a setting that doesn't echo who you and your significant other are as a couple. If you're not coffee lovers, don't take photos in a coffee shop! You don't want to look back on your engagement photos and always think about how silly it was to take photos in an environment that you don't enjoy being in.
Michael and I love exploring the outdoors together, especially small, historic mountain towns. Therefore, the rustic setting of Golden, Colorado was perfect for us as a couple!

3. Laugh - a lot, even in-between photos. Even if it feels like you're faking it for the camera!

Your photographer may just snap a winner because of how natural and beautiful your interaction may look on camera!

4. Pack 3 different outfits you and your significant other feel absolutely confident in, and also make sure your outfits coordinate with the setting(s) of your photo shoot! 

For example, the photos of Michael and I in our plaid/checked button-downs display a rustic cabin, snow, and the mountains in the background. I wanted those photos to look all-around rustic to show mine and Michael's Coloradoan side. We're proud to call Colorful Colorado our home!

For the other two outfits, I chose a laid-back, casual-girly look (the pink pants outfit) and a dressed up look. I wanted to look back in time and see us in different settings and styles.

5. Consider using props in some of your photos! Your photographer can be a huge resource for advice on props.

It's so cute to use props in a photo shoot such as a banner that creatively showcases your future wedding date (I linked ours above!), an old-school bike, a flower crown, etc. - as long as it still echoes you both as a couple! 

Props are even more meaningful when they're token items that played a part in the formation of your relationship.

Thanks for reading!!




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