Whole Foods Beauty Week "Beauty Bag" Product Review!

Happy "Beauty Week" Eve...

Let me tell you all about Whole Foods' Beauty Week and the "Beauty Bag" that you don't want to miss out on!

Beauty Week and the opportunity to purchase your very own limited edition Beauty Bag begins on Friday, March 18th and lasts until Tuesday, March 22nd. 
This is a nationwide event!
Beauty Week is an endeavor started by Whole Foods to promote their "Whole Body" skincare/beauty product line. Whole Body has the largest selection of beauty products that are free of chemicals - they're CLEAN products.

The Beauty Bag is available for purchase (while supplies last!) for $15.00. The Beauty Bag actually runs at an $80.00 value!

The above photo gives you a look at what the Beauty Bag is filled with - mostly sample products, but a few full sized products.

Here's my personal review of each product:

1) Mineral Fusion Lash Curling Mineral Mascara - Long Copper Tube (full sized): The color of this mascara is a super rich black. I love how much the color makes my eyelashes pop! A little goes a long way with this mascara. My advice? Use only a few swipes for your eyelashes to stand out, and even less for a more natural look. 

2) Dr. Hauschka Soothing Cleansing Milk - White Squeeze Tube on Far Left w/ Yellow Stripe: This cleanser is definitely gentle on the skin like the description says. I love how it contains some natural oils to moisturize my skin while cleaning it! I need those natural oils to put back on my skin after cleansing. Living in this dry Colorado climate and using facial scrubs can really do more damage than good. 

3) Acure Pore Minimizing Facial Scrub: I think this scrub would benefit me way more if I still lived in the humid Florida climate! I think it's a great scrub, but if you live in a dry climate and your skin tends to dry out, be careful about using too much of this product. Next time I use this scrub, I will use a tiny bit and only on my most oily facial areas. This scrub really dried out my skin but I believe it's because of the Colorado climate and the fact that I used too much! The scrub is quality, though. It's definitely the right amount of "rough" to help give the skin a thorough cleansing.

4) MyChelle Perfect C Serum - Small White Bottle with Thick Green Stripe on Bottom Left: This cleansing spray contains Vitamin C and plant stem cells to help combat visible lines and wrinkles. You can layer this serum with a few sprays or stay conservative with applying only one spray. This serum feels refreshing! Spray on after cleansing the face and leave it on. Ask me if it helps with lines and wrinkles in a decade! Haha.

5) Evanhealy Rose Geranium Facial Tonic/HydroSoul - Clear spray bottle in the Center: This is one of my favorite products in the Beauty Bag. This facial tonic truly smells like roses which is what makes this product one of my favorites. I feel like my face is the most fresh if it has a hint of a nice smelling scent! This rose scent is really calming and is definitely not strong. The spray feels so natural and smells natural too. This is a good way to keep my skin feeling refreshed and glowing because of the plant hydrosols that help hydrate my skin. 

6) Weleda Skin Food - Small Green Squeeze Tube: This is also one of my favorite products in the Beauty Bag. It's a thick, rich, and luxurious feeling hand cream. The moisturizing properties come from plant oils and extracts! You can use this cream not only on your hands, but on your whole body. It also absorbs very well and feels so natural. It leaves my skin feeling soft and not sticky at all.

7) Burt's Bees "Sunset Cruise" Lipstick (full sized): We all know that Burt's Bees is a top-of-the-line brand and it basically just rocks. This lipstick is such a pretty shade of coral that complements my slowly tanning skin. This lipstick feels like a chapstick but has a strong tint - emphasis on the "tint". Even though it's called lipstick, it doesn't possess a rich hue. Don't get me wrong, it still gives great color, but with an extremely moisturizing lipstick, you're just not going to get a rich solid color stain on the lips. This is a great lipstick for the summer whether you're wearing dramatic or more natural makeup. I'm not sure if each Beauty Bag contains the "Sunset Cruise" color or if there is a different color in every Beauty Bag. There are tons of different colors that Burt's Bees makes in this lipstick!

8) Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ - (Small Bottle with Red Label): I really like this oil! It is very moisturizing but doesn't leave my skin feeling really oily. My skin absorbs it well, which is just what this product aims to do. This is a great product to use in dry climates. I would use it on a bare face after cleansing or with only minimal face makeup. 

9) Derma E Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask: This mask definitely calls out your blackheads after drying! I think it does a good job with clearing up the skin. It left my skin feeling smooth and less rough! I'm not sure about its long term benefits with helping clear pores, but it's definitely intensive. Make sure you moisturize with a non pore clogging moisturizer after use!

I hope you benefit from this review! If you purchase a Beauty Bag, enjoy!!


*Thank you to Whole Foods for the Beauty Bag!
All opinions are my own.


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